What? No tickets?

When you join FunCon you are not just buying a ticket, but joining the FunCon family. FunCon is not a show you passively watch, but a series of fun events you can participate in to whatever degree you desire. To become a member of the FunCon family, visit our Registration page.

Who'll be there?

Lots of people! Please see our Member List to people who have opted to be listed. We hope you'll join us, but don't worry, you don't have to appear on the public members list unless you want to.

What does it cost?

The special introductory rate of £55 is available until 1st December 2022.

After that, the price will be £60.

Have I joined already?

Not sure whether you're a member? Don't worry, you can visit our Check Membership page to confirm. Just enter your email address and we'll email you to let you know your membership status.