Dr Pepper

Leopard's Brain

I joined ZZ9 when I was still at school, and met some great people and had some fantastic times as a result. My parents mightily disapproved as they thought I'd joined a cult, but I think I turned out okay in the end. I have excellent cat-herding skills due to being a fosterer of stray and unwanted kittens, and will show you All The Photos if you don't run away fast enough. I will be responsible for the Code of Conduct at LL3 but I'm expecting you all to be so well behaved that I can spend my time sitting in the bar.

James Bacon

Leopard's Paw

I am Irish, and currently live in London working on the Railway. I went to Lazlar Lyricon 2 and the Incon conventions and they had an irrevocable imapct on my life. Since then I have been involved with various conventions, and most recently was involved with the World Science Fiction convention. I read too many comics and too few books, like pens and letter writing, do fanzines, and enjoy facilitating everyone having a great time. 

Emma Bailey-Stark

Leopard's Ears

Emma will be working on the FunCon Programme.


Leopard's Spleen

Dave is the probably the only one of us who does any real work. The rest of us sit around drinking beer and talking about doing con stuff. But who actually gets off their behind and actually does stuff? Dave, that's who.


Leopard's Whiskers

This is Denise. She likes axes.


Leopard's Legs

Rarely spotted at conventions, normally found scuttering around behind the scenes, or whispering ideas into the ears of the unfortunate.


Bio coming soon...


Jim's past jobs may include goat herding in Nepal, giving swimming lessons to a Monacan princess, and testing elastic in a bra factory. Or we may have made this up. 

Emma J. King

Leopard's Tail

I'm a long-time Hitchhikers' fan, having joined ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha when I was 15 years old (which is now far too long ago!).  I have attended various funcons including Incon 5, Lazlar Lyricon 2 & 3, Year of the Wombat, several James & Stef cons, and have helped out at a variety conventions over the years in various capacities. 

Stefan Lancaster

Leopard's Arse

Stef didn't write a bio, so we made his up instead.

Born into royalty of a small Scandinavian state, Stefan was unfairly implicated in the death of a self-styled king, and has been living in exile in England for much of his life. He was elected president-for-life of ZZ9, but was forced to resign after a hushed up affair. He has been responsible (if that’s the appropriate word) for a number of past fun conventions, including Aliens Stole My Handbag, Damn Fine Con and They Came and Shaved Us. For FunCOn One, Stef is in charge of coming up with crazy programme ideas and whatever else we can get him to do.

He also takes part in LARP events, where he is secretly training an army he will one day use to reclaim his homeland.

Alice Lawson

My name is Alice Lawson and I am a conrunner. I have been trying to break the habit but nothing seems to work. So here I am again. However this is a different kind of convention for me, my first relaxacon committee and I am looking forward to it and hope to see you all there.

Photo by Kate Solomon

James Shields

Leopard's Spots

James has been involved in fandom and conventions since the early 1990s. He has helped organise many conventions in Ireland and abroad, including Octocon, P-Con, Shamrokon (Eurocon), Eastercons and Worldcons. He has been involved in fanzines, fan clubs and fan funds, and is a massive space nerd with a particular fascination about zero gravity toilets. A huge fan of LEGO, James will attempt to include it in convention programmes at every opportunity.

Tobes Valois

Leopard's Nipples

Tobes may be descended from Jesus. Or possibly the French royal family. Maybe both.

Rumour has it he's been coming to conventions since some time in the sixteenth century. He does not appear to age.