Things to Bring

Submitted by emmak on

We've put together a list of things you might like to bring along to the Convention, depending on what activities you are planning to take part in.

Here is our suggested list - note that all items are OPTIONAL and are not required in order to join any of the programme items:

  • Lanyard - help us save the environment by bringing one of your own to re-use.
  • Yoga mat - for the Circus Skills workshop.
  • Juggling balls/poi - for the Circus Skills workshop.
  • Spare cuddly toys - for the Assemble an Alien workshop.
  • Craft supplies e.g. buttons, spare fabric scraps, old socks - for the Assemble an Alien workshop.
  • Inflatable musical instruments - for the Air Guitar Workshop
  • Fancy Outfit / Costume - if you want to dress up for the Intergalactic Disco or Time Traveller's Ceilidh.
  • Ukulele/Drum/other musical instrument - for the 'Learn to play a ukulele tune' item, Percussion workshop, and/or Cosmic Campfire Singalong.
  • Crochet hooks and yarn - for Crochet a Space Leopard workshop.
  • Old bits of jewellery - for the Jewellery making Workshop.
  • Old zines/comics/magazines etc - for the Zine Collages workshop.
  • Running shoes & attire - if you want to join Parkrun Saturday morning.
  • Pens/pencils/paper - for some of our Taskmaster challenges, and also just generally useful to have.
  • If you want to bring board games or other games to play in the social space, you are welcome to do so.