Incon I: Inconsequential

May 1992

At Lazlar Lyricon were Simo and Paul Clough, two very young fans who grew up slightly and went on to help form Octarine. When most of the committee of Octarine decided to run a convention, Simo and Paul waxed, well, lyrically (can you wax any other way?), about Lazlar Lyricon. This fitted in with the general Octarine obsession of going to conventions, drinking heavily and ignoring any SF in the programme. So in Derby, next door to a "Health Spa" called Bubbles, the first Incon was run, badly. It was a disaster in every way except that everyone had lots and lots and lots of fun. So despite getting 100 less members than expected and losing several hundred pounds they decided to do it again.

FunCon Committee Attended