Incon II: Inconceivable

May 1994

Having lost a lot of money with Incon I, the committee decided to recruit more idiots to help run the event. Looking no further than the people standing next to them, past, current and future members of the ZZ9 committee were called in to help. They brought a level of professionalism to the convention that resulted in choosing a hotel that was too small and in the middle of nowhere, several miles from train stations and overflow hotels. To compensate for this oversight the committee decided to run a minibus service. This was a stupid idea and if anyone suggests it again, beat them savagely with one of their own legs. Apart from its distance from civilisation, lack of bedrooms and strange sunken disco with dangerously sharp pillars the con was a success. Lots of people came, the convention made money, everyone had fun and there were no injuries.

FunCon Committee Attended