Incon V: Inconsistent

May 1996

Inevitably Incon II was followed by Incon V which moved the event from its now traditional home in Derbyshire to that beauty spot known as Scotch Corner. Many of the people who were involved in running Incon II were involved in running Incon V; despite this they managed to book a hotel that was large enough though they did pick one in the middle of nowhere. Notable incidents include an item called 'It's a terminal head injury', a play on 'It's a Knockout', where someone got hurt. There were also reports of a goldfish being left in one of the hotel bathrooms, swimming around the bath quite happily. The fate of the goldfish was never established. It was later established (at LL2, by the leaver of the second goldfish) that it was adopted by one of the cleaners, and was still going strong.